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Thanks, Jim Thompson



バンコクの下町の小さな工場に滞在制作しながら、1 ヶ月半の間数千匹の蚕を育て、第二次世界大戦前に作られたタイシルクや 120 年以上前の日本の麻布、このほかカンボジアやラオスなどからも古い布を集めた。


バンコク・バイエニアル2018(Bangkok Biennale 2018)出展作品。

This project was for Bangkok Biennale 2018,. I brought up thousands of silkworms. I and my son have stayed in the 3rd floor of small factory in the downtown of Bangkok, and taken care of silk worms wile 1 month and half. Old cloths, more than before WW2, from Cambodia, Japan, Laos and Thailands, are repaired by silkworms. The silkworm of Southeast Asia vomit yellow thread. It is white in Japan. There are some varieties of worms in Asian regions. Almost silkworms are domesticated animals and can not grow in natural by themselves. It can be said that this fact is a sort of metaphor for a human being.

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